You think your office sucks?

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  1. So, you don’t love your job? ..good

    Coz there is a supporting group for that, It’s called EVERYBODY. And they usually meet at WARung KOPi…hahahahha

    Yosu :
    Oh, I LOVE MY JOBS. But it doesnt matters, I always love everything I do. What matters is there are hundreds of thousands of workers who cannot love what they are doing or do what they actually love. And what do they do? They rant and they give up. Losers.

  2. Renaldy says:

    welcome to the club, yos 😀

    Thanks dude. I’ll try to keep up with the weekly meeting.

  3. Linda says:

    Yos, Ganbarre… fight till the last drop…
    jaga kesehatan boo…

    Well this was the hard part. Fight till the last drop sama jaga kesehatan ada di ujung jembatan yang berlawanan.

  4. AguzX says:

    Lol… Not trying to search for another company, yos?

    Why would I?
    I love this company I’m in, it has cool ppl inside. Notable are Pak Har, ming2, etc etc. If you can hold on in this kind of company, any kind of hell you meet in another company will feel like a walk in the park.

    I think I’ll stay until next salary raise. Like… in a million year?

  5. yO'an says:

    kalo ada yg enak, napa milih yg ga enak?
    idup kok disusah2in…gyahahahhahahahaa XP
    Biar nanti kalo dapet yang biasa-biasa aja, jadi berasa enak.
    Kalo nggak laper, makan kan nggak enak.

  6. Ismail says:

    Enjoy the madness, but stop when u start that the madness is not so bad. Coz that means you juz downgraded your madness standard …..

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